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Maxon Burners

LaX Engineered Solutions, the leader in industrial oven parts, offers a variety of Maxon burners for you to choose from. Maxon burners are a great choice for process heating ovens, heat process water tanks, etc. The Maxon Burner Tube-O-Therm burns natural, propane or butane gas and produces reduced levels of NOx and CO. The Maxon burner APX is designed for high turndown without premixing fuel and air at low firing rates. Please choose from the following Maxon Burners:

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Maxon 8" Transition Section Maxon 8" Transition Section
Our Price: $1,060.76
Maxon 0.5 APX Burner Maxon 0.5 APX Burner
Our Price: $1,962.00
Maxon EB1OP OvenPak Burner Maxon EB1OP OvenPak Burner
Our Price: $2,100.00
Maxon EB2OP OvenPak Burner Maxon EB2OP OvenPak Burner
Our Price: $2,114.00
Maxon 1.0 APX Burner Maxon 1.0 APX Burner
Our Price: $2,501.00
Maxon EB3OP OvenPak Burner Maxon EB3OP OvenPak Burner
Our Price: $2,504.00
Maxon 1.5 APX Burner Maxon 1.5 APX Burner
Our Price: $2,840.00

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