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Maintenance Services

Oven and Washer Refurbishing

LaX can refurbish your equipment in our facility or yours. We work on all makes and models of industrial ovens and washers and can get you back up and running quickly and efficiently. We will use our factory trained non-union employees for field work. We are fully insured and can provide the certificate upon request.

Industrial Oven & Washer Modifications, Customizations

LaX will provide a quote for modifying, and/or customizing your heat processing equipment. Please contact our sales department and we will supply you with a quick, accurate quote for the work to be performed.

Industrial Oven & Washer Replacement Parts Installation

LaX can provide a complete array of spare parts for your heat processing equipment. Additionally, we can install all spare parts.

Industrial Oven & Washer Configuration and Uniformity Service

We can send our trained engineers to evaluate your equipment for re-configuration and to make suggestions for increasing the uniformity and / or the efficiency of your system. Our personnel are experts and well known within the heat processing industry.

Industrial Oven & Washer Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance

Our factory trained service personnel will travel to your site and conduct maintenance on your equipment. We will maintain all brands of equipment. Additionally, a preventative maintenance schedule can be provided to help reduce future downtime and track procedures.

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LaX Eliminator 6000 Oil Coalescer Removal System

LaX Eliminator 6000 Oil Coalescer Removal System

LaX Eliminator 6000 Oil Coalescer Removal System is used to process oil in two ways. The solution will be filtered and then will pass through oil separation before returning to the tank. The basic tank configuration has a solution capacity of approximately 45 gallons and is made of 14-gauge 304 stainless steel, welded water tight. The support structure also includes storage for the filter bags and placement of a 5-gallon pail for oil collection.

The Eliminator is provided with a formed angle band around the top perimeter and top cover to prevent debris. We include a support structure that contains a locking swivel caster to allow easy movement of the unit. (Casters not pictured)

LaX Eliminator 6000 Oil Coalescer Eliminates:

  • Oil and greases from cleaners
  • High cleaning costs
  • Frequent dumping of cleaners
  • Bath contamination
  • Product rejects

Contact LaX for any questions of how this can help with your next project -- (262) 408-5583