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LaX Fabricating

LaX Engineered Solution's dry off ovens utilize our patent pending CYCLONE process technology.

LaX Fabricating

In November 2007 LaX Fabricating signed a 99 year lease for a 120,000 square-foot facility in Spring Grove, MN. In our new production facility we are now running over 6,000 production hours per month. LaX offers fabricating of mild and stainless steel and aluminum products. Our team of welders includes two CWIís (Certified Weld Inspectors) and all welders are certified to the AWS D1.1 (American Welders Society) standard. All welding is performed in our shop and includes SMAW (stick), GMAW (mig), GTAW (tig), and Oxy-acetylene for welding and cutting. LaX utilizes plasma cutting, torch cutting, plate rolling, and pipe bending for rails as well as the more sophisticated mandrel bending.

LaX Fabricating creates stair and railings for commercial, private, government and municipalities. We specialize in working with the customer to create a design that will meet your functional and decorative/artistic requirements.

LaX Fabricating, Ltd.
700 E. Main Street
Spring Grove, MN 55974 USA