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Cyclone Technology

LaX Engineered Solution's industrial ovens utilize our patented CYCLONE process technology.

The CYCLONE process can be applied to applications such as:

  • Curing
  • Drying
  • Heat Treating
  • Thermal Degreasing
  • Aging

Along with versatility and customization, the CYCLONE process continues to maintain consistent temperature control as well as delivering significantly lower operating costs with the highest efficiency ovens in the industry. We will custom design any oven, available with temperatures up to 1000 °F, crafted to perfectly fit your needs.

Cyclone Technology

"We are pleased with the flexibility of design…Cores dry faster at lower operating temperatures and have improved process greatly."

-Process Engineer, Modern Casting
Vol 104, September 2014

Cyclone Technology

Cyclone Technology Process


Our CYCLONE technology significantly increases airflow to allow greater heat transfer to your product, all while maintaining excellent uniformity.

Cyclone Technology Process

The above graph shows the temperature profile of five locations through a CYCLONE oven.

Heat Transfer Efficiency

cyclone technology

- The return profile sheets of the CYCLONE airflow system has a dual purpose. Along with directing airflow, the inner profile sheets will supply additional radiant heat transfer to your product (this can be as much 100,000 btu’s/hr of additional energy transfer).

- Our systems have a desirable low, thus efficient, air velocity throughout the return duct.

- The radiant heat in the chamber from the duct walls and ceiling, along with maximum convection, add an outstanding uniform heat transfer to your product.

- There is no ductwork clean-out. The system allows for significantly reduced horsepower motors on the recirculation fans to achieve the required CFM, resulting in reducing energy costs by as much as 75% compared to conventional oven systems.

- Maintenance is enhanced as turbine fan blades weigh significantly less than the plug fans and airkit type fans found in conventional systems.

- Variable frequency drives on the recirculation and exhaust fans allow optimal flow rate tuning, maximizing heat transfer to your product.

- Gas usage is reduced with 6" insulated walls for 30% better heat retention versus 4" walls.

- All of the LaX control panels utilize circuit breakers, meaning no fuses to replace.


- Our ovens are fully assembled both electrically and mechanically and tested in our factory.

- The oven shell is comprised of solid welded 3/16" plate, eliminating run-down along panel seams. The exterior shell is 500% thicker than panel construction, eliminating NFPA requirements for explosion relief and allowing maintenance to walk on the roof.

- There is no need for additional platforms on the roof. If roof access is needed, add railings and a ladder.

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