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Conveyor Ovens

LaX Engineered Solution's conveyor ovens utilize our patented CYCLONE process technology.

Conveyor ovens can be tuned to your exact processing needs. We'll design ovens for the following conveyor types and more:

  • Flat wire mesh belt
  • Chain conveyor
  • Balance weave
  • Mono-rail
  • Walking beam
  • Roller conveyor

Along with versatility and customization, the CYCLONE process continues to maintain consistent temperature control as well as delivering significantly lower operating costs with the highest efficiency ovens in the industry. We will custom design any oven, available with temperatures up to 1000 °F, crafted to perfectly fit your needs.

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Conveyor Oven
Conveyor Oven

Features, Components, and Specifications

  • High efficiency and low operating costs due to TORRENT process technology.
  • High efficiency and low operating costs due to CYCLONE process technology.
  • Fully assembled and tested in our factory
  • 3/16" plate, solid welded exterior or panel construction
  • Full non-glare, chemical resistant panel overlay
  • Excellent heat transfer and fast bring-up times
  • Modular design allows for future expansion
Conveyor Oven
Conveyor Oven